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cheetahtransIndonesia, a developing country with an archipelago consists of 12,000 islands and a population of 230 millions. The people are rich in culture, warm & friendly.

Enriched with natural resources like, oil and gas, coal, iron ore , timber and many other minerals, etc. With its wealth coupled with strong economy and a steady growth of GDP, it has also expanded the manufacturing industry. In recent years, one of their main focus is developing its infrastructure. It has now opened a window of opportunities for investors of any kind of business one can think of. The world cannot ignore.

Singapore, as neighbour, can participate in the development. Mr Jeff S.M. Chua, the founder of Harbour Handlers Pte Ltd, foresaw a need to have a first class forwarding in Indonesia. Harbour Handlers is an Accredited Multi-modal Transport Operator with a worldwide network has been providing forwarding services on general cargo and projects in Indonesia for almost four decades. We have now established Cheetahtrans Indonesia as partner with Harbour Handlers’ subsidiary, Cheetahtrans Singapore Pte Ltd as we believe for any business to succeed, we need the locals who have knowledge and experience in the logistics industry. Cheetahtrans offices are at 3 strategic locations, namely Singapore, to look after the international business; Jakarta for the Western part of Indonesia and Surabaya for the Eastern part.

Singapore office is headed by Mr Susanto and Mr Leon Chua. Jakarta office, headed by Mr Surya and Mr Sujanto. Surabaya office, headed by Mr Sumono. All these personnels have years of experience in the local and international freight and logistics business and know Indonesia well.

Cheetahtrans, as a Multi-modal Transport Operator, provides total services for:
– landing crafts, tugs & barges for marine transportation
– land transport for general and heavy haulage
– logistics management
– packing
– stevedoring
– shipping agencies & ship chartering
– customs documentation
– supply equipments for project handling
– door to door service from Singapore to Indonesia





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